Terms and Conditions of Booking

Clients using Ocean Dreams equipment and/or materials will be responsible for any loss or damage arising from negligent behaviour or otherwise. Full retail value will be charged for any such loss or damage.

When a client wishes to transfer to an alternative course date, and notification of this is received by Ocean Dreams, within 14 or less working days, then the course fee will be forfeited.

If, having enrolled to complete an entire course with Ocean Dreams, the referral option is requested, no refund of any fees will be made.

Clients may not participate in any diving activities without satisfactorily completed Medical Statements, and Certificate of Understanding and Express Assumption of Risk documents.

A buoyancy control device will be worn whenever SCUBA equipment is used.

If the weather or any circumstance beyond the control of Ocean Dreams causes the course to be delayed, changed, postponed or cancelled, no liability can be accepted by the aforesaid party for any consequential loss of expenses that may be incurred.

Course schedules may be subject to change without notice.

Neither Ocean Dreams nor any of their employees can be held responsible for damage to equipment or injury caused by student negligence.

Clients agree to abide by the PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of understanding.

Clients are responsible for all Travel, Accommodation, Dive-Site entry fees, Harbour Fees, Boat Fees and any other expenses incurred before, during and after training.

Refund of any fees due to cancellation will be at the diving centres discretion.

Confirmation from a registered GP that a client cannot participate due to medical conditions is required before any refund of fees may be considered.

If a non-permanent medical condition prevents the client from participating on the dates agreed, alternative dates will be offered subject to availability, and at no extra cost, provided official written confirmation from a registered GP is supplied. No refund of fees will be made in these circumstances.

Any sessions of this course missed by the client will have to be conducted at a later date and will be subject to additional charges.


E-mail: dive@oceandreams.co.uk